Story of Silver Heights Engineering Consultancy
(Establishment Story):

From Melbourne to Dubai: A Journey of Architectural Innovation

In the halls of RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, two kindred spirits, Dr. Saqr AlKaabi and Eng. Mohammed Saleh, united with a shared vision for architectural brilliance. Graduating in 2010, they embarked on separate paths in civil engineering, mastering their craft in Melbourne's avant-garde scene and Dubai's evolving landscape.

In 2016, fuelled by a shared dream and experience, they founded SHEC in Dubai. It represented a fusion of Melbourne's precision and Dubai's dynamism, creating a collaborative spirit shaping the skylines of two cities.

Since then, SHEC has been a symbol of excellence and commitment to creating boundary-pushing spaces. The founders, educated at RMIT, continue to push architectural engineering boundaries, linking Melbourne and Dubai in a narrative of expertise and cultural understanding.

The story of SHEC is ongoing, a testament to the enduring legacy created when two ambitious minds come together to shape the world of architectural innovation.